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Welcome to Watt, an established consultancy agency for the commercial utility switching service in the market.

Our company has worked alongside the UK's leading electricity and gas suppliers for over 10 years.

Our purpose is to ensure our clients journey through the commercial energy switching process is low maintenance and cost effective. Our employees will provide fantastic customer service and complete transparency.

Business Utilities - It's Watt we do.

Business Utility Switching Services To Reduce Electricity, Water & Gas Bill

Helping businesses save time and money is Watt we do.

Thousands of businesses have saved millions by doing one thing: switching utility suppliers.

Since the year 2000, Watt Utilities has helped thousands of business owners save millions on their utility bills. Using our business utility switching service, your business could be one of them.

We’ll conduct a comprehensive comparison of the entire market, helping you find cheaper and better deals for your energy, water, telecom, and broadband needs. The best part? It takes only a few minutes.


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Why Switch Business Utilities with Watt?

It takes only a five-minute call to save as much as £350.

Think switching business utilities is a tedious and time-consuming process? Think again.

Switching energy suppliers has never been this simple. our company has designed a straightforward solution that allows business owners to compare utility prices in one place, saving them valuable time, and eventually,money.

By spending just five minutes with one of our agents, you can save as much as £350 on your business utilities. Whether you’re looking to save on electricity, gas, water, telecoms, or the internet, we have the resources to compare energy deals to help you bag the best contract out there.

If you want to terminate your current utility contract, check this article to know more.

Compare Hundreds of Company's Energy Deals To Find Best Provider For You

With Watt’s business utility switching service, you can compare hundreds of energy prices in minutes. Our online comparison tool uses a unique algorithm that allows it to generate a list of the best deals in the market.


You need an electricity supplier that can keep up with your business as it grows. At Watt Utilities, we can help your business transition to a better energy provider — one that offers the best energy contract that meets your business’s increasing demands.



If you’ve been on the same gas tariff for years, your business is likely losing money. Put your money to better use by switching business gas suppliers today. By doing so, you can save as much as 45% per year.



Want to save 20% per year on your water and wastewater bills? It’s time to switch water suppliers. With the deregulation of the UK retail water market, switching has never been this accessible. Compare the whole market today with Watt Utilities.


Business Telecom

Watt Utilities has partnered with Digital Telecom Airtime Inc. to find the most competitive business telecom deals in the UK. Whether you need VoIP solutions, fibre broadband, or telephone systems, we can help you choose the best deal for your business.



Stuck on slow internet speeds? With Watt Utilities, you can say goodbye to lag and hello to lightning-fast connectivity. Our experts will scour the market for the best broadband deal for your business.


We Work with the Best Utility and Energy Suppliers in the UK

You deserve the best deals from the best suppliers. All of the business utility suppliers that we’ve partnered with have undergone a meticulous vetting process to ensure that they meet the highest standards of service.

  • Total
  • CNG
  • British Gas
  • British Gas Lite
  • EDF
  • Utilita
  • Npower
  • E.ON
  • Opus Energy
  • Scottish Power

  • SSE
  • Haven Power
  • Corona Energy
  • Gazprom Energy
  • Dual Energy
  • Yorkshire Gas and Power
  • Water Plus
  • Everflow
  • …. and more

What Do We Consider When Changing An Energy Provider For A Business?

It’s not always about the money. When we generate a list of business utility suppliers, there are several factors that we consider.


Price is the main reason why many businesses switch utility providers. You might not be aware of it, but you may be paying more than what you should be paying for. When comparing deals, our company will make sure that the price matches the services that are included in the contract.

Online Capabilities

We also look into each supplier’s online capabilities. Do they accept online payments? Can their customers access their statements digitally? Do they have a mobile app? We spend our time answering these questions to ensure that you experience the optimum convenience.

Customer Service

Our business utility switching service also considers the supplier’s customer service. This way, we can guarantee that our clients won’t be left in the dark should they need assistance. Our team meticulously checks customer ratings and reviews and consults the Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU) website.

Renewable Solutions

If you’re interested in going green, we’ll look at renewable energy solutions for your business. This includes solar, wind, hydro, biogas, and more. Since green energy is expected to thrive in the coming years, it may be worth your while to shop around for green energy deals.

How to Change Business Utilities with Watt?

Switching business utility suppliers is easy.

Our three-step energy switching service is as easy as 1, 2, 3. At Watt Utilities, we want to get rid of the hassle of comparing business utilities.

When you switch with us, you won’t have to deal with long phone calls, pushy salespeople, and more. This leaves you with more time to focus on other aspects of your business.


Step One. Get Your Utility Quotes

Using our advanced algorithm, we’ll take your business details and compare them with relevant tariffs. You’ll receive business utility quotes from the UK’s top providers in minutes.


Step Two. Take Your Pick

Take all the time you need to review your options. If you need additional information, our team would be delighted to offer our advice to help you select the best deal for your business.


Step Three. Switch and Save

Once you’ve chosen a tariff, you can leave the rest to us. We’ll facilitate the switch and negotiate on your behalf. We weren’t kidding when we said it would be that easy!


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What Our Customers Have to Say

For more than a decade, Watt Utilities has helped businesses switch and save. We’ve earned an excellent reputation among our clients, with a 4.8-star rating on Trustpilot.


“They gave us honest and precise information about gas and electricity tariffs. This shows that their team is very knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile for their clients.”
George F.


“I’ve been trying to change business utilities for months. The representatives from Watt Utilities went out of their way to help me sort out this problem over the phone. They made sure that I understood everything.”
Christine H.


“Watt Utilities gave me plenty of options to choose from. They helped me through the entire process and explained the contract in detail. Very professional and knowledgeable!”
Seb S.

About Watt Utilities

For more than a decade, Watt Utilities has helped over 900,000 businesses save as much as £150 million in their utility bills. Our team is composed of savings specialists who aim to help businesses of all sizes drastically reduce their costs. Through our extensive knowledge of the market, as well as our long-standing relationships with the UK’s leading suppliers, we can find and negotiate the ideal tariff for your business.


Utility Experts to Make Your Business More Efficient

The specialists at Watt Utilities have thirty years of combined industry experience. If you want to learn how you can transform your business into one that is more efficient, check out Bills Utility Hub. We have numerous resources that can aid you in obtaining more savings.

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