All You Need to Know About Rebel Energy—The UK’s Latest Challenger Provider

Joining the ranks of challenger provider in the UK is the newly established Rebel Energy which boasts its forward-thinking services that promise to change the future. The company is focused on providing sustainability for the environment and the economy, making it one of the more attractive energy firms of today.


Here’s what consumers need to know about this digital-focused supplier that is aiming to change the status quo of the current energy market.


What is Rebel Energy?


New challenger provider Rebel Energy plans to be an industry-leading energy supplier that leverages digital technologies like the Blue Prism Cloud to create an innovative operational structure. It also plans to utilise Artificial Intelligence or AI and automation capabilities at its core.


Rebel Energy’s goal is to promote a positive impact on communities while delivering low cost energy and exceptional customer service. Utilising the Blue Prism automation platform enables the company to redesign complex processes and procedures in the industry.


Dan Bates, Founder and CEO, was formerly affiliated with a large supplier that aimed to transform into a sustainable business. However, Bates knew that the company’s long history with fossil fuels would not make the transition smooth. Armed with a vision, he built a team that would challenge the current market and push forward the transition to a sustainable society.


Bates wants Rebel Energy to be an efficient digital-first business while enhancing customer experience. The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) workforce will be simplifying and automating back-end processes, which allows the company to build a top-notch customer service team.

Also, the firm will be leveraging automation capabilities and AI to drive beneficial innovation for customers.  It aims to empower the community to treat energy as a source of knowledge and skills.


The “Rebels”, how the firm’s highly skilled digital workers are called, will be fulfilling repetitive processes and acquiring systems design and AI training to ensure that they are future-ready.


Execs speak


Bates describes Rebel Energy as a firm with strong moral foundations. The company’s target of acquiring sustainable profits while uplifting the community and the environment makes it on a league of its own.


Along with their sustainable goals, Bates also highlighted the engaging roles the firm has in store for the Rebels through high-value skills training. He believes that pushing for a digital workforce is the answer to the radical changes he wants to see in the market.


Blue Prism Cloud CEO Terry Walby said that new-generation business leaders are increasingly taking up intelligent automation. New business models are devised with the full potential of automated processes in place.


Walby stated that a flexible digital workforce would enable Rebel Energy to disrupt markets and provide exceptional value for its customers. He called Bates’ leadership as inspiring, with a mindset and vision that brings the Rebel Energy CEO at the front of the transformation.


Walby also expressed his pride that Blue Prism can be part of Rebel Energy’s journey to change the energy marketplace. The firm plays a vital role in the establishment of an energy company that impacts society and the environment positively while also providing growth.

About Blue Prism


Blue Prism is a company focused on intelligent automation for enterprises. To date, the firm has customers in more than 150 different countries and serving over 1,800 businesses. Some of these companies that employ Blue Prism are listed and part of the Fortune 500 and members of the public sector.


As an industry-leading company that pushes for Robotic Process Automation or RPA, Blue Prism’s specialised services allow enterprises to have an advanced technology ecosystem. It helps enhance efficiency and reinvests millions of hours back to the business. Advanced cognitive technologies empower digital-savvy employees to handle complex or standard processes with ease.


The Blue Prism Cloud allows companies to automate their strategies right from the cloud. The integration enables fully-enabled AI technologies to be leveraged by the business—such processes include Natural Language Processing (NLP), computer vision, and machine learning.