Breeze Energy Goes Bust, British Gas Appointed to Take Over

Breeze Energy, an energy and gas supplier servicing 18,000 domestic clients, has recently ceased to trade.


Ofgem, UK’s energy regulating body, has chosen ‘Big Six supplier’ British Gas to take on Breeze Energy’s customers following a competitive selection process. The agency sought to bring the best deal for the customers of Breeze Energy.


Getting the boot


Breeze Energy is the ninth supplier that has ceased to trade in 2019. It is also the fifteenth supplier to have gone bust in just over two years, affecting more than a million customers.

Last month, Ofgem ordered the company to pay over £486,200 in Renewable Obligation taxes plus interest. The firm has failed to prove that its supply has been sourced from enough renewable resources.


The company has gained positive feedback in recent months, achieving a 4.8 out of 5 overall scores in the Citizens Advice customer rankings. However, failure to abide by Ofgem’s requirements has likely resulted in their stopping trading.


Philippa Rockford, Ofgem Director for Future Retail Markets, advised the customers of Breeze Energy to sit tight and let the agency work on their behalf. Their outstanding credit balances and money owed by Breeze are to be honoured by the new supplier to make the transition hassle-free for customers.


The customers were also instructed to prepare their meter reading, to use as a reference for when the new supplier reaches out to them.


Despite their supplier going bust, Breeze customers can rely on their energy supply as usual. Many customers were worried that their supply might be affected, which could have been unfortunate seeing as it happened during the holiday season.

Choosing British Gas


A few days after Breeze Energy ceased trading, Ofgem announced that it had assigned British Gas to supply the 18,000 former clients of the defunct firm. The selection process was overseen by the agency and determined the energy supplier giant to be the most favourable choice for the customers.


British Gas offered the most competitive tariff for the current and existing clients of Breeze Energy. The company will also bear a significant amount of the costs that Breeze had amassed while it was trading.


Pickford has announced British Gas’s appointment and said that the company would reach out to customers to arrange a transfer to British Gas. Once this has been done, customers will be free to choose a better deal for themselves or stay with the Big Six supplier.


Customers are welcome to relay their queries to the company’s chat option, found on its website. FAQs have also been posted on their page at


More details


Customers have been moved to a new tariff that British Gas call “Cap Tracker Plus Sep 2021”, and which has no exit fee. Customers will only be able to switch to a different tariff or provider once their account has been fully set up by the company.


The company will supply energy from 100% renewable sources, which matches what the former firm has provided them. Customers’ energy consumption will equal the clean energy fed back to the National Grid.

British Gas is also committed to reducing customers’ carbon footprint through its emission reduction projects.


Ofgem has strongly advised customers to wait for the transfer to be completed before switching to a different supplier. Once their account has been fully set up by British Gas, customers can go ahead and make a switch without paying exit fees.



For existing credit balances made to Breeze Energy, the customer can expect British Gas to honour the account and inform the customer as soon as it is transferred to the new tariff. The company respects Ofgem’s safety net and is upholding it for customers who have been switched from Breeze Energy.


As regards debts or outstanding payments, the company is still working out a process that will resolve such issues.