E.ON’s Energy Supply Failing Customers Living in Flats

Consumers who live in flats want to have the best possible value for their money when it comes to utilities. While choosing the most suitable energy supplier is an option for many, renters often do not have the same freedom.


While other people are singing praises for the customer service they receive from their respective suppliers, some E.ON clients are receiving less than stellar support. Here are some of the woes that customers have aired against the big energy supplier, particularly for people who rent flats.


Ignored by E.ON


A consumer took to to recount a horrible situation involving E.ON.  The complainant living with his partner was forced to be on an E.ON deal because the meter came installed before they moved in. They were paying via direct debit, but the customer had a hunch that they were being billed incorrectly.


The customer reached out to E.ON to air his suspicions, but it fell on deaf ears. He was concerned that the letting agent gave them the wrong meter to read and wanted to get help from E.ON.


It turned out that his guess wasn’t precisely baseless like what the supplier thought the first time. When the couple went on a holiday for a week, their electricity usage shot up by 100 units despite only leaving their fridge freezer plugged in and nothing else.

The couple then sent their complaint to E.ON and the supplier promised to send an engineer to check on the meters. Through the customer’s own trial and error investigation, they found that they were indeed reading the wrong meter.


Failing the customer yet again, no engineer from the company came to the property even after multiple requests were lodged and months of waiting.  With all the waiting for E.ON to give the customer an answer about their meter, the complainant ended up paying for someone else’s electricity usage for an extended period.


Surprise bill


Another customer who rents a flat in Glasgow was informed that E.ON was servicing them after having an existing deal with Scottish Power for months.  Many calls and visits later, the customer received a new meter but it came with an unfavourable surprise—they owed E.ON a shocking £4,871 bill.


The debt was later halved because of Ofgem’s Back-Billing policy, but it was still several times higher than the customer’s usual energy bill. The customer shared that they normally only paid around £500 a year for their energy consumption and what they are being asked to pay is 3 times that amount. The customer was advised to pay E.ON £1,600 as a compromise, but the supplier refused to reduce the bill any further.


The customer, seeking for help, escalated their case to the Ombudsman. E.ON denied their failure to resolve the initial matter regarding the customer’s old meters, which led to the energy bill ballooning over £4,000. What made it more burdensome is that the customer never signed a contract with E.ON but signed one with another supplier instead.


All the blunders could have been prevented if E.ON acted promptly and cared more for the customer’s welfare.

Energy efficiency works at the Thistle


The Thistle Housing Association has experienced several delays in the progress of energy works with its main contractor E.ON  and faced a lot of work-related issues throughout the process.


During the whole energy efficiency work programme, the contractor sent five project managers, all of whom delivered eleven different projects, but none was successful.


The contract was initially set to last for 44 weeks but with E.ON’s abysmal delivery the project works carried on longer which led to the association escalating the matter to the supplier’s senior management team.


While E.ON accepted responsibility for the delivery issues, it has also lacked prompt action in resolving the problems raised. The dilemma affected 234 tenants and 376 homeowners, many of whom have offered support for the energy efficiency works on the flats.


Based on legal opinion, the association was advised to pressure E.ON into delivering the projects until they give what is due.


The enormous energy firm has the power and capacity to provide excellent services to flat owners and renters, but they continued to disappoint time and again. It is still unclear whether the supplier can redeem itself from all the troubles it is involved in, but one can hope that they do not fall victim like all the other complainants before them.