Following Investigation, Irich Info Technology Fined £250,000

The Phone-paid Services Authority or PSA has recently imposed a fine on Irich Info Technology Ltd as it committed two ‘very serious’ breaches of the Code of Practice.


After an investigation, the industry watchdog found that the company has failed to divulge information to the PSA. Irich has also breached the ‘consent to market’ portion of the Code.


The erring firm has received multiple sanctions from the PSA, and a fine of £250,000. Furthermore, the PSA issued a General Refunds order, which forces the company to refund every customer who has filed for a refund.


The company is barred from providing its services until every sanction is complied with, and the fine is paid.


The complaint


Irich Info Technology was first introduced as a technical support service, entering the market in 2018. It charges customers a premium of £2.50 per minute plus extra charges for access to its services.


The service the firm provides includes hardware or software support as well as troubleshooting of devices like mobile phones, smart home devices, tablets, and laptops. Consumers can call its premium-rate numbers for technical support.

When calling Irich lines, the call cost is stated upfront, and when the customer is unsatisfied with the help they were provided, they are entitled to a full refund within 24 hours of filing a complaint.


In November 2018, the tribunal received two complaints regarding Irich, which suggested that the facility was operating outside of its description as a technical support helpline. One customer complained that they were billed £90 for two calls despite asking beforehand if they will be charged and receiving ‘No’ for an answer.


Another client complained of absurdly high charges, with one call amounting to more than £115. Similar complaints have also been filed, indicating that a large number of customers have been billed with an unusually high cost for a single call.


The investigation


The PSA started a formal investigation when they received the complaints and found several violations to the authority’s code.


The watchdog checked with customers and found that an overseas call centre, allegedly located in Pakistan, had been calling both consumer and business clients, instead of the usual protocol of customers calling their support line. The representative told consumers that they were eligible to receive a sum of money, then gave them a number to call back on while the person ‘retrieves the file’.


The PSA informed the police, leading the number to be traced to a Pakistani, who refused to provide the company name of the call centre responsible for the fiasco.


Irich was directed by the PSA to provide a full response regarding the complaints in March 2019. While they were able to provide some information, they failed to give a detailed answer to the events that transpired.


A second formal direction was sent by the authority to the support service but again failed to divulge all information it was requested to reveal.

The investigation led the firm to conclude that Irich Info Technology breached Rule 2.4.2 (consent to market) and Paragraph 4.2.3 (failure to disclose information ) of the PSA’s Code of Practice.


The complaints pointed out that the firm had contacted customers without their consent, which is a direct violation of the Code. The support service failed to provide all the information requested by the PSA, which added another count to the breaches of the company.


The sanction


Irich was served a formal reprimand by the Phone-paid Services Authority and is required to seek compliance advice. It is also required to remedy the breach by fulfilling the PSA Compliance advice satisfactorily.


The support service is ordered to refund all customers filing for a claim. It should provide the full amount spent within 28 days of the request unless there is good cause to question the validity of the claim. They will have to provide evidence to the authority that the refunds have been made accordingly.


In addition to the £250,000 fine, the company is also barred from operating until every sanction is satisfactorily complied with, as determined by the PSA.







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