Four Ways Every Business Can Lower Their Electricity Bill

Publish on: 04/3/17 3:12 PM

Written by Phil Ireland

With the ever increasing cost of running a business, business owners are looking for ways they can reduce their utility bills. With many businesses relying heavily on electricity, finding a way to lower their electricity bill will go a long way to help them make great savings on their overhead costs. Here are four methods every business could employ to lower their electricity costs.

Undertake an Electricity Usage Audit

Undertaking an electricity usage audit is the first step towards lowering your electricity bills. With an electricity audit, you will be able to understand how your business utilises electricity and can help you identify ways to reduce your business electricity bills. Most utility suppliers offer a free electricity audit which you could request to help you identify ways to lower your electricity bill.

A comprehensive electricity audit will entail a review of all of your bills to identify consumption or billing anomalies, erroneous meter readings, overcharging by your supplier, defective meters and any other factors that may have increased your electricity costs.

Source the Best Electricity Tariff

An effective way to lower your business electricity bills is to source the best possible electricity tariff. If your business has high electricity consumption, you may be able to negotiate with your utility supplier to get a better rate.

The best way to ensure you are on the best available tariff is to conduct a full energy market comparison. As this can be a very time consuming process it may be advisable to work with a professional utility saving specialists who has in-depth knowledge and understanding of the energy market and the different suppliers.

At we can compare electricity rates from a wide range of suppliers, to find the best tariff for your business’s needs.

Establish Electricity Saving Practices

Another way to help reduce electricity costs is to embrace energy saving practices that can reduce your overall electricity consumption and in turn lower your electricity costs. You should also encourage your employees to embrace and follow the electricity saving practices. Some of these practices include;

  •  Use energy efficient bulbs – replace all of your existing bulbs with energy saving bulbs that consume less power (up to 75% less) and have a 3 times longer lifespan than the normal bulb.
  • Using natural lights where possible – have windows and curtains opened to allow natural light in whenever possible, this will reduce the consumption of electricity
  • Buying energy efficient appliances – upgrade your current appliances and equipment for newer energy saving alternatives.
  • Shutting down appliances- ensure all equipment is turned of (not left of standby) when not in use.
  • Where possible use equipment during off peak times as suppliers often charge less during off peak hours

Employ Use of Smart Energy Saving Solution

Businesses can greatly reduce their electricity bills by employing smart energy saving solutions. You can install smart sensors on your business to dim or shut down lights if there is no one on the premises. Additionally, the smart sensors can also automatically shut down lights whenever there is enough natural light available. By using smart energy solutions, your electricity consumption will be lowered, thus reducing your electricity bills. You can also use a half-hourly electricity meter to get accurate bills.


You may also want to consider having a smart meter installed, Smart meters are similar to traditional meters in regards to the way they measure the amount of energy you use. However, unlike normal energy meters, smart meters remotely send real-time information about your energy consumption to your supplier. This means you will no longer need to provide meter readings, but won’t run the risk of your consumption being estimated. Additionally, the information that your smart meter produces will allow you to review what energy you consume, and take active steps to lower it.

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