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There are a few reasons that your current energy supplier may object to your new business energy contract. This could be an outstanding payment on your account which you can arrange to pay in instalments. If you’re unsure on what to do please call 0844 371 2975 or email

Yes, we inform you when your new business energy or utility contract has been processed and accepted by the supplier.

We advise you when your new contract has been processed and will contact you to confirm your tariff transfer.

YES - You will receive a welcome call once your business energy or utility contract has been processed to confirm your rates and keep you informed on what happens next..

You will need to issue a Letter of Authority which you simply need to sign and return to either or 5th Floor, St Anns House, St Anns Place, Manchester, M2 7LP

These documents allow Watt Utilities to act on your behalf and complete the transition from one supplier to another for you.

Unfortunately, once you have agreed and entered into a fixed energy plan there is no ‘cooling off period’ or option to cancel. However, some suppliers do offer an option to ‘buyout’ your contract, the fee required to buyout your contract will vary depending on the supplier.

If you vacate your premises, please ensure you notify your supplier with 30 days notice and provide them with a final meter reading, this will ensure you are no longer legally responsible for the energy consumption of that premises.

Due to the vast amount of energy tariffs available and how regularly prices change, it is impossible to guarantee that our prices are the cheapest. However, we have a dedicated team of saving specialist, and work with a large number of suppliers, so we are confident we can attain the best deal for you business.

Energy prices can be subject to drastic change, rising as much as 15% in a single year; therefore, having a guaranteed set price for 3 years will ensure there won’t be a dramatic rise in your business utility bills.

If for any reason you sell your business or vacate your premises, ensure you give your supplier the required 30 days notice and provide them with a final meter reading.

Most suppliers’ day rates run from 7am-11pm and their night rate from 11pm-7am, however, some suppliers may vary. A member of our team would be happy to confirm the rates and terms and conditions for each supplier for you.

Due to the volatile nature of the industry, it is impossible to predict whether prices will rise or fall; in addition to this, there is a vast amount of information involved in switching your energy provider and the process can often take longer than expected. By giving yourself ample time to shop around to source the right deal for your business, and complete the switching process, you will reduce the risk of falling out of contact and subsequently paying higher ‘out of contract’ rates.

A Fixed contract gives you security as you pay a fixed rate for an allotted period of time, usually between 1 & 5 years. A Flexible contract is similar to a Fixed contract, as it provides you with a fixed rate – usually for 12 months – however, you have the option to leave this type of contract, usually with 30 days notice. A Variable contract is usually the most expensive as it does not provide a fixed rate and is subject to regular change. You may leave this type of contract, however, will need to provide your supplier with 30 days notice.

A Letter of Authority (LOA) is a simple way for you to authorise us to work on your behalf in regards to your energy supply arrangements. It allows us to obtain detailed information about your supply, which you may not have already provided us with. Providing us with the consent to access this important information will allow us to deal with any issues or rejections that may occur, meaning we can handle the process effectively, without any inconvenience to you or your business.

Please rest assured even with a Letter of Authority we cannot terminate any contract you have with a supplier, without your consent.

If you have a half hourly meter and would like us to carry out a thorough price comparison, you will need to provide us with a Letter of Authority, as for most suppliers this is a strict requirement. Without a Letter of Authority, we will be restricted to what suppliers we can obtain rates from, consequently the rates we will provide may not be the most competitive.

A Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN) is a 21-digit, unique reference number, which can be used to identify your electricity meter. The MPAN has six sections, each of which provides different information regarding the meter type and its supply. Click here to view our Watt interactive MPAN.

We advise you when your new contract has been processed and will contact you to confirm your tariff transfer.