More Tales of Bad Billing—This Time It’s Npower in the Spotlight

Customers are entitled to voice out their opinions regarding their utility company – whether they are good or bad.  As part of the service industry’s commitment to their customers, energy suppliers aim to reply to online comments with the goal of resolving problems customers raise.


Npower is among the few suppliers that receive a great amount of negative reviews and comments on various online platforms because of issues in their services and customer experience. Here are a few notable cases that show what Npower customers have gone through while under Npower’s services.


Wrongful bill demands


A bar landlord had been battling Npower for several years for unpaid bills that he did not owe. For over four years, Npower has hounded the customer for debts despite his pub being supplied by another company.


Des Scicluna, lanlord of the The Mulberry Tree, engaged in a long-standing back-and-forth against Npower and their debt collection firm, PDP Management Services. He had politely informed both companies that Npower did not supply the pub’s gas or electric but they the firms still told him that they were sending bailiffs around if he does not settle his alleged debt.


Scicluna added that the firms kept hounding him for money and even walking into the cellar of his pub to inform him that they were cutting the power off if he doesn’t pay.


What made the alleged debt questionable is that the letters sent by Npower and PDP did not directly state the landlord’s or the pub’s name. The correspondence sent by both firms instead says “The occupier” on the correspondence.

Eventually, the Big Six supplier admitted to the error and stated that it would close the account immediately. However, PDP kept demanding payments from Scicluna, with one of the collections representative threatening the owner that he will access the pub’s private area to speak with him.


Scicluna expressed frustration over the situation saying that he missed spending holidays with his family as he had to stay in the pub because he was scared that bailiffs would have come in when he’s not around. He has since sent a notice to the firm that he will be seeking legal action if the issue persists despite his protests and Npower accepting fault.


Disrespecting the departed


When Yvonne Abbott’s mother, Margaret Brenchley, passed away, her task as a daughter was to close accounts and putting up her late mother’s house on sale. However, she hit a wall with Npower when the they failed to return the electricity overpayment credit of £273.


Even after fifteen months since her mother’s death and a year after the estate was put on the market, the energy supplier has yet to return the money. The house has been sold but Npower continued delaying the credit payment.


This case is not unusual when dealing with suppliers, particularly Npower. There have been numerous horror stories about bereaved families meeting problems with closing accounts and claiming refunds, adding to their stress of losing a loved one.


A spokesperson from Npower has since apologized to the departed’s family and compensated Mrs. Abbot with a £100 cheque and a full refund of the overpayment.

Missing bills


A customer with username ‘DedupNpowercustomer’ took to forums to air his frustrations with Npower for failing to send them a bill despite their efforts of sending a meter reading and ringing the firm regarding the situation.


The customer was supposed to receive the bill by November, but even after raising a complaint with Npower, they still did not receive a statement. They even advised the firm that their direct debit amount would be enough to cover their average usage, but was not given any bills despite handing over all information needed to create one for them.


The billing problem has put a lot of worry and stress on the customer, particularly since they fear that the next statement would reflect mistakes and they will be asked to pay more than what they should. The customer was disappointed at Npower’s inaction and the real possibility that they might be shocked with debt on their next statement.


This case could be similar to the firm’s internal billing error, wherein one-fifth of their 5.4 million customers in 2013 were affected. More than 120,000 more complaints were filed during this time, as a million customers failed to receive their bills for months.


The sharp increase in Npower complaints could be attributed to customers who were sent significant back-payment demands even when they have up-to-date payments.


Npower’s history of billing problems has caused the firm to pay £1 million to Ofgem’s voluntary redress fund and they have been ordered to compensate the customers who were directly affected by the billing issues.


Fast forward years later and Npower still receives negative reviews and comments which is a clear indication of what the energy supplier’s billing and customer service departments are recently doing (or not doing).