Npower: What Customers Say About Their Supplier

Npower, recently acquired by E.ON, is one of the UK’s largest suppliers of gas and electricity.  It has gained a customer base making it a Big Six energy provider along with British Gas, E.ON, Scottish Power, SSE, and EDF.


Serving over 3.6 million customers, Npower has been providing residential and commercial accounts with gas and electricity across England. While positive points have been raised by some customers, a lot of the Npower clients have expressed frustration over some of the services offered by the firm.


This article investigates the performance of Npower according to its customers, including the customer comments and complaints submitted in Trustpilot and, two of the most trusted review platforms in the UK.



Based on Trustpilot’s 2,477 reviews made by Npower customers, the firm has received a TrustScore rating of 1.2, which is generally considered as Bad. This score is calculated using three factors: frequency, time span, and Bayesian average.


Npower’s rating is also looking abysmal at an average of only 1.15. There are 357 Npower reviews currently posted on the platform.


Here are some of the most frequent comments from customers and what Npower has done (or not done) to resolve issues.


Poor customer service


Customers have strong opinions about how the company has been handling their support services. One irate consumer who posted on Trustpilot even alleged that the firm has been deleting damaging parts of a recorded client complaint call. It is also accused of failing to recognise their obligations when answering customer queries.


Additionally, several clients relayed how they had their share of rude representatives and failure to provide a lead time for customers who try to schedule a further conversation with the company.


Npower encourages its consumers to register on their website to help them manage their accounts online. However, many clients find online services to be lacking, taking too much time to respond, or not responding at all.


Billing and meter reading


Many Npower customers feel that they have been wrongly charged or promised savings but going in debt instead. One client shared how they received a letter saying they owed the company £2,500 because they have apparently been undercharged. What made the situation more bizarre was that despite paying their dues in time through direct debit, the customer still incurred debts.


Over the years, Npower has allegedly tailored its billing and meter reading based on customer feedback. It has also placed more information on its billing services on the website. However, several customers are suffering from negatively-affected credit reports due to miscalculated bills or inaccurate meter readings.



Several customer complaints said their electricity meters stopped working for no reason. It disabled them from monitoring their energy consumption, going blind on whether their bill reflects the actual amount of electricity usage.


One client called Npower “money-grabbing”, having been ignored when they asked a meter reader to visit their home because their meter stopped working. They were told instead that the company’s estimates are accurate, which led the customer to move to another supplier.


The energy firm has pushed smart meters to avoid common metering problems. However, customers are hesitant about switching to advanced meters or are wary of being forced into taking a smart meter.




Vulnerable customers who have fallen into debt also had something to say about Npower. One consumer who was homeless with two kids was forced to pay a £75 debt in full and was given only a month to settle it. The company forwarded the account to a debt collector, who added their own interest on top of the bills, even when the lady was struggling to make ends meet.


Many other similar situations are posted on Trustpilot and, claiming the company to be uncaring toward others’ welfare as long as the debts have been settled. Several customers have gone to a small claims court and have been tried to battle legally against the firm over debts that they feel have been wrongly charged on them.


While Npower tries to resolve matters swiftly, customers are still complaining that they had to do multiple follow-ups, or else they could risk being ignored for years and lose out on more money being spent of the company.