Smartest Energy Acquires Small Biz Supplier Dual Energy

SmartestEnergy, the UK’s leading independent energy purchaser and supplier, has announced its acquisition of Sussex-based Dual Energy, a small-business energy provider.


Dual Energy concentrates on installing smart meters for businesses so they can monitor their consumption and consequently decrease energy costs. It was established in 2009.


Smartest Energy, which supplies power to 2,5000 commercial and industrial businesses, sees the acquisition as enablement for small-business customers to benefit from the Carbon Trust’s independently-certified 100% renewable energy.


Beneficial for both parties


Dual Energy CEO Ben Giddings said that the company has collaborated with SmartestEnergy since its earliest days. The latter has impressed Giddings by highlighting a customer-centric approach to their services. He believes that this acquisition will continue to spur smart meter adoption for businesses.

Giddings affirms that the recent turn of events will bring good news to their company’s customers and partners, as SmartestEnergy devotes its commitment to their business. SmartestEnergy has been providing Dual Energy access to the wholesale market.

Sealing the deal expands SmartestEnergy’s award-winning I&C power supply services to customers with non-half hourly meters that will lay the groundwork for a net-zero transition.


SmartestEnergy CEO Robert Groves stated that their company was an asset-light energy business that banked on outstanding customer experience. With the acquisition, Groves is confident that the company will be able to extend its reach, and drive a smarter transition to a decarbonised economy.


The company’s VP of Supply Louise Wapshare added that the deal serves as an opportunity for their group to reinforce Dual Energy’s unique business model using SmartestEnergy’s many strengths, such as the scale of operations. They aim to accelerate activity and shake up the business energy market.


Both organisations emphasise outstanding customer ethics and recognise the importance of consulting experts in the business energy market. It is why the deal will deliver value to both sides.


About SmartestEnergy


SmartestEnergy has more than thirteen years of customer knowledge from which it has built its foundation, providing flexibility in service delivery. The company’s mission is to give customers the proper energy solution that matches their business.


The company offers bespoke services and a wide selection of products, whether flexible or fixed, depending on the needs of the customer. Some of its clients range from high-street retailers to massive industrial users.


Some of the big brands SmartestEnergy has worked with include Toyota Manufacturing UK, Saint-Gobain, and the John Lewis Partnership.

As a next-generation energy company, SmartestEnergy focuses its efforts on supporting smaller smart businesses to decentralise the energy system in the UK. It purchases independent generation and supplies renewable electricity to thousands of customers. The company also provides demand response services when the customer needs it.


About Dual Energy

Dual Energy is a competitive energy supplier focusing on Smart Meters with intelligent technology. It helps businesses regardless of size to be able to manage their energy usage efficiently. The company is actively contributing to the UK Government’s Smart Meter Initiative (SMI), which aims to provide all businesses in the country with a Smart Meter installation by 2020.


The goal of the initiative is not only to promote accurate billing but also to encourage customers to improve their energy spending habits. When customers know and understand their consumption, it is easier to take positive steps towards reducing energy use. It eventually leads to cost savings and energy efficiency.


The company installs its latest technology for no charge when customers choose to switch to Dual Energy from their former energy supplier.


Solving the price hike


The UK has experienced several energy price hikes, with 42 of them so far in 2019. These increases are almost three times as many as the fifteen price hikes in 2018. Energy-switching firm Look After My Bills found a £110 price hike average per year, which added a £1.2-billion increase to total household bills nationwide.


The government has introduced a £1,254 per year price cap last April. However, the data compiled shows that suppliers have raised costs on deals to offset the money they lost due to the price cap.


Dual Energy, with the reinforcement of SmartestEnergy’s scale of operations, aims to ease these numbers and help consumers to be smarter in their electricity usage. Both organisations are poised to reduce consumption and as well as help fight climate issues that affect the economy as a whole.