Trustpilot Reveals Multiple Customers Having Issues with E.ON Smart Meters

Satisfying customers is a top priority of utility companies, but what if they fail to meet the expectations of the people who pay for their services? E.ON has received numerous backlash from customers who faced issues with the firm, from complaints handling to billing and smart meters.


Trustpilot, a customer review platform, has millions of customer sentiments on the website. Consumers are given a chance to voice out their opinions regarding a company by posting their review, to which other readers can agree to and share.


While some suppliers gain positive comments, E.ON seems to reap mostly negative reviews for their services. Here are some of the comments that customers say regarding their smart meters.


Faulty kits


An E.ON customer with username ‘linus’ on Trustpilot commented that they were forced to have a smart meter installed after switching to E.ON. However, they complained that there was no coordination between the firm and Morrison Utility Services when it came to installing the device.


According to the customer, the technician who serviced their home said it was a known problem that the E.ON smart meters fail to transmit end-to-end data at times. The customer added that the gas meter is still manually read, which makes the smart meter seem redundant and unnecessary to them.

A representative from the company replied, saying that since the first appointment failed, it might take a while for another fitting schedule to be arranged. The customer edited their review to express regret in agreeing to have a smart meter installed.Their home display remained faulty despite filing a complaint.


Yet another client by the name Antoinette Weinberg took to Trustpilot to tell a similar incident regarding the home display. They stated that they are not able to control nor use the small home display to monitor their energy consumption.


Furthermore, the customer also relayed how no one explained anything relating to the smart meter, indicating poor service from E.ON. They have already been waiting for almost two weeks, but there hasn’t been news on a home display replacement.


The representative replied, stating that the customer’s case might be included in the industry-wide data problem. They added that the supplier is coordinating with the data communications company to fix the issue as soon as possible.


Malfunctioning meters


Not only do customers complain about the lack of data and home display of such smart meters, but a number of them also noted related hardware problems. For instance, one review from the user ‘sunil’ revealed that the back cover of their smart meter had to be removed before it can be appropriately charged.


A technician visited their home, who the customer referred to as efficient and professional. However, the problem has already caused frustration and a ‘real headache’ based on the customer’s sentiment.

Another recent complaint by Mrs. Zoe Wood indicated that their smart meter keeps shutting down and has to be reset every time. Rating the company two stars, the customer managed to convey their dissatisfaction over E.ON’s services indirectly.


The firm’s representative responded to the review, stating that the home display could be having signal issues that disconnect the meter and requires it to be reset. They also asked the customer to check for any material that may be affecting the signal, such as plasterboard, wood, and any building materials like concrete or stone.


Another customer, Michael Barron, gave a one-star rating for E.ON, saying that the newly-fitted smart meter in their home does not work. They contacted the firm ten days after the installation, but they are yet to get a reply five days after reporting about the issue.


Again, the customer representative reckoned that the malfunction was in the home display and not the device itself. They indicated that they are still receiving meter readings despite the problem. They also added that much of the issue is caused by communication problems, to which they are collaborating with partner firms to resolve quickly.


However, it looks as if the smart meter malfunctions will continue to persist as long as they cannot provide a specific timeframe for solutions to be delivered to affected customers.