Twitter Shows the Sad State of E.ON UK’s Customer Service During Lockdown

E.ON has received a lot of complaints over the years, and its Twitter page has seen quite a few angry customers. With the accessibility of this social media platform, consumers have aired their grievances regarding the company, hoping to resolve the issues as soon as possible.


In recent months, customer complaints have seen a significant increase, partly because of the coronavirus-induced lockdown. The unexpected COVID-19 pandemic has created a mash of problems for E.ON customers, and some of their sentiments are available for everyone to read on Twitter.


Investigating the cases


A customer with handle @MartineMavi complained about receiving an estimated bill even when she informed the company that she has been abroad since 13 March, during the time of the lockdown. The firm asked her to provide accurate readings from her meter, saying that they would have to bill the customer based on estimates if she cannot provide the information.


The customer insisted that the recorded phone call with an E.ON representative reflected the company’s incompetence and apparent fraud. The firm further asked her to call a number to be offered alternative options, but she has expressed distrust and refusal to deal with another phone call.

Yet another customer with Twitter handle @jeremyhood28 had tagged @eonenergyuk saying that he has been disputing his final bill for four months already. Each time he contacted the company, he was told that the issue was being resolved. However, he found out that E.ON has already reached out to a credit agency to inform them about his ‘missed payments’.


Jeremy complained about the firm’s lack of urgency when dealing with complaints and being unable to reach customer representatives as quickly as he liked. He even tweeted that it took three days to figure out how to get ahold of the company’s Twitter Help page.


More complaints


Another curious case is that of @LeiselGrimes’ tweet, revealing that she has received six texts about her smart meter fitting from two different numbers. The two sets of numbers introduced themselves as E.ON and Morrison Utility Services.


The company replied to her tweet, stating that the other number was from the local service provider that are assigned in the customer’s area to do exchanges.


Another similar criticism was aired by @munnsy79, revealing that he has received over twenty messages informing him of his scheduled smart meter fitting. The customer called out the firm for going overboard communications it sent via email and text.


E.ON replied saying it will take note of the customer’s feedback and ensure that the right number of notifications will be sent the next time around.

Several other consumers commented that the customer service hotlines of the firm are hard to reach. They also said the website’s live chat keeps getting disconnected right as they are relaying their issue in detail. The company acknowledged the problem, answering that the advisors are still adjusting to the work-from-home directive following the coronavirus-induced lockdown.


Lengthy customer service calls are also on the top of the complaints list on Twitter during this pandemic. Many customers expressed frustration over calls that would last for 45 minutes or longer, with no resolution in the middle. Some of the clients even say they get their calls disconnected as they finally get through to an advisor.


Stacked-up blunders


These customer complaints and errors seem to be stacking up one after the other, especially during the current crisis. While it can be chalked up to the work-from-home scheme, the slow response consumers have been getting from E.ON are prompting them to air their criticisms online.


However, E.ON isn’t new to complaints. Last year, the company saw roughly 22% of customers switching to other suppliers in 2019 due to its handling of smart meter installation. Many were frustrated by the firm’s changes to its policies. For example, a customer wanting to switch to a standard fixed tariff would have to say yes to a smart meter being installed.


A lot of E.ON customers are dissatisfied with its services, which could explain its average ratings on different platforms like Trustpilot and uSwitch.